The good news? Lego’s new Stranger Things kit. The Bad? It costs £179!

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Something strange is happening in Hawkins, Indiana – but this time in LEGO form, with a Stranger Things set made in partnership with Netflix for the Byers’ house and the supernatural world of the Upside Down.

The set was unveiled at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, London. Visitors were greeted with the supernatural sight of the Mind Flayer illuminating the front of the store and a brick recreation of Will Byers’ bike abandoned outside.

The good news? Lego’s new Stranger Things kit. The Bad? It costs £179!

The new set features eight Stranger Things characters recreated in LEGO minifigure form, including Chief Hopper, Joyce Byers, Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin as they try to save Will from a minifigure version of the Demogorgon.

The set included the alphabet wall complete with a light-up function, a buildable version of Chief Hopper’s police cruiser and the phone in the Byers’ living room, as well as Will’s bedroom with a bed and stickered elements of the posters decorating his room. There are small Easter eggs to be discovered throughout the house including a ‘Will the Wise drawing’ and a picture of the Mind Flayer in the attic.

This Stranger Things collectable includes 2,287 pieces and accessories for each of the characters including Hopper’s coffee cup, Eleven’s waffle and Mike’s flashlight to help you solve the mystery of his missing friend.

It comes with two sets of building instructions allowing fans to play & display both sides of this unique upside-down set. The upside-down version of the model being a mirror image of its real-world counterpart with a dilapidated look, complete with dark vines and murky colours in keeping with the Netflix series.

Just in time for Stranger Things series three landing July 4th 2019, too. What a spooky coincidence!

LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down is available over at


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