The Devil Below (horror film trailer).

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Here’s a scary-looking horror movie called The Devil Below. It features an old mine somewhere in America that’s been sealed off by the local townsfolk after an ancient disaster caused the death of many of their number.

Why? Because they are horrors below and said horrors, given half a chance, will come out and prey on the humanity above. Sadly, a bunch of young scientists doesn’t seem to have picked up on the nastiness of the subterranean monsters, and lively decide to open up the sealed mine.

Does something terrible emerge and start stalking them? Well, it would be much of a scary movie it didn’t, would it?

This film stars Adan Canto, Wall Patton, Alicia Sanz, and will be launching in the cinemas and paid streams in May of this year (2021 if you’re reading this in the far future).

The Devil Below (horror film trailer).

Hey, do you think we should go down there?


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