The Bewilderment A Hipposync Archives Novel (The Hippsync Archives) by D.C. Farmer (book review).

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Bobby Miracle, the joint lead character in ‘The Bewilderment’, sometime Goth and sometime intern, realises she has blown her assignment. She’s about to slip away from the offices of the publisher Hipposync Enterprises when an event of quite startlingly proportions stops her in her tracks. One moment and she’d have been out of there but that hesitation changes her life.


A catastrophic time-event means she is the only one who can save the staff of Hipposync but where does she go for help? Bring on Inspector Asher Lodge of the Fae Detective Agency. For Bobby, everything is about to change as she finds the simple life she knows covers up a much more intricate existence. Discovering the world is an unmapped territory can be a surprisingly liberating experience. For Bobby, this is time to forget being a misfit and a failed intern and learn to use her brain.

This strange new world that has such people in it is a catalyst for Bobby to become the heroine of her own narrative and she launches herself into solving the problems. Asher tries to protect her, as he already knows there is a terrible threat out in the different worlds. He’s seen the result of some horrific murders and heard the cries of the Bewildered in his dreams.

This disparate team draw us into the world of the Department of Fimmigration and just what Hipposync Enterprises really is. It’s a great story, full of fun and flourishes with some horror and scares, too. It’s what we expect from our tales of multiple worlds bumping up against each other and the magic that crackles and spits within the story. Farmer gives great value and it really makes you want more of these stories.

This book is another lucky find for me as its increasingly hard to find the books I really want to read and I’m assuming you all have the same issues. This gives me the chance to add ‘The Hipposync Archive’ books to my ever growing reading list and I’m happy to do so.

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Sue Davis

October 2016

(pub: Wyrmwood Books. 354 page paperback. Price: £10.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-99327-341-4)

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