The Avengers And New Avengers Collectibles by John Buss (book review).

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I pulled a copy of this book, ‘The Avengers And New Avengers Collectibles’ by John Buss, really to look up information about the original Corgi ‘The Avengers Gift Set’ as to whether Steed’s Bentley should be red or green. Primarily, Corgi already had the car and went red then green. As the first season was in black and white, you would have to look for colour photographs and the real Bentley is green, although there appears to be a couple shades of that.

Then again, when you consider their competitor Dinky continually got their colours wrong by using the available paint for Thunderbird 2, UFO Interceptor and Mobile, Corgi have gotten off lightly in comparison.

Anyway, as its short book, I read the lot and Buss sections all the sections and there is a supply of photos for most books and merchandise. With the books, don’t expect a resume of what the stories are about but at least you’ll know what the tie-ins titles are.

I’m not entirely convinced that the Hong Kong made ‘Emma Peel’ doll belonged to Fairylite, as they tend to have their name plastered on the box. Her face, based on the photo, has more in common with Sindy, although it’s not a Pedigree doll.

I did own Steed’s swordstick back in the day which could also act as a water-shooter and played with it to extinction as inevitably something would break.

There are some things like Emma Peel’s wardrobe, full-size for women I’ve heard of but not seen before and, although mentioned, none shown of the Steed wardrobe for men. Back in the day, I doubt if such clothes came to the providences and I was probably too young to look around for them anyway.

I’m not entirely sure if I believe Buss when it comes to ‘The New Avengers’ and Steed being side-lined. Maybe from some of the action but actor Patrick Macnee was still very prominent. Buss tells you what is available and probably rightly notes rarity but not the kinds of costs on the secondary market which would change so don’t expect to use this book for costing. Much of the time, I do wonder how much of this is researched or in his collection, assuming he has one. There is no author notes nor reference bibliography to track sources.

It’s pointed at towards the end of the book that items noted are from when both series were on TV than anything from the 30 years since. The real selling point for this book is collecting photographs together rather than what you would pick out to add to your collection.

GF Willmetts

September 2020

(pub: Amberley, 2019. 96 page small enlarged paperback. Price: I pulled a copy for £11.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-4456-8886-2)

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