The Art & Making Of Fantasy Miniatures by Jamie Kendall (book review).

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Part of the job of reviewing is picking out books that although I might not know about the subject generally, I do appreciate that some of you out there do and I can learn something about it. I don’t do RPG and have only a passing acquaintance with the associated miniatures that are your playing pieces. However, I do admire them as pieces of art even if they are so small. Seeing this book, ‘The Art & Making Of Fantasy Miniatures’ by Jamie Kendall did make me wonder if it would be seen by the people who really need to know of its existence, hence the review.

Over the 11 chapters, Kendall visits various companies and talks to their sculptors and creators, finding out how they began and what they do. Do any of the following hit your mark: Arcadia Miniatures, Alkemy (Alchemist Miniatures), Aviators Of War, Guild Ball (Steamforged Games), Relicblade (Metal King Studios), Warmachine and Hordes (Privateer Press), Rumbleslam (TT Combat), Drakerys (Don’t Panic Games), Godslayer (Megalith Games), Freeblades (DGS Games) and Kings Of War (Mantle Games). As you can see, that’s quite a spread of coverage. Excuse me if I ignored capping whole words as on-line it looks like shouting.

For each company, you see a wide selection of illustration, designs and finished models. I find it rather interesting how closely the two match, more so as it’s a move from 2D to 3D at such a small scale. Sculptor Johan Chauver from Alchemist Miniatures even shows how he builds the prototype from various clays over wires. Spanish sculptor Felix Paniagua beyond making them for various companies, does his own projects for people who just like his modelwork.

Interestingly, you won’t find much about the games themselves here other than their dedication to them and I had a geek moment understanding their dedication. However, I was fascinated by the various materials used from traditional techniques to 3D modelling now being incorporated.

This book is loaded with photos so if you are collecting the various models then this has to be the best guide to see what is out there and decide what to get next and you can’t beat that in any book.

GF Willmetts

January 2020

(pub: Pen & Sword, 2020. 238 page illustrated oblong hardback. Price: £30.00 (UK), $52.95 (US). ISBN: 978-1-52671-6742-4)

check out website: www.pen-and–sword.co.uk

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