Stargate: can it be resurrected? A modest proposal (video).

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Rowan J Coleman is casting his eyes back to the once glorious field of Stargate TV series (and heck, the movie, too).

Sadly, MGM is said to be functionally bankrupt and as the owner of those juicy Stargate rights, it’s unlikely a new spin-off, reboot, or plain sniff of the Stargate universe is ever likely to head our way again.

But, he’s got a crazy idea…!

Stargate: can it be resurrected? A modest proposal (video).

Open the gate once more!


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  1. Patricia Abderholden says:

    I actually think your idea for a new version of Stargate is quite good. The desperation of the people of Earth needing help to rid themselves of the alien overlords would be even more necessary if these aliens were working on stripping the planet of natural resources or reforming the planet’s ecosystem to suit themselves. As part of the story, the aliens knowing about Earth could be because of Stargate teams having been out exploring the galaxy and these aliens heard about Earth from another civilization that the SG teams had been in contact with in the past. Just some ideas to add to yours.

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