Star Trek Picard: an autopsy (review).

The Critical Drinker, aka the Victor Meldrew of the science fiction world, gives his curmudgeonly take on the first run of the new TV series, Star Trek Picard.

I actually quite enjoyed this series, but maybe my critical facilities are less jaded and finely developed than the Scottish reviewer. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? With a replicator, the Aldeberan Whiskey need never run out!

Star Trek Picard: an autopsy

One thought on “Star Trek Picard: an autopsy (review).

  • I watched every minute with episodes 9 and 10 together on Saturday evening (28th) and I thought at the finish in the words of Jean-Luc and Sir Patrick it was and will be F—ING BRILLIANT (apologies if you worked it out) and watching episodes 9/10 together made it even better. In some series when characters from previous series are brought in some times does not work well for them or the series ( his scythe is close by ) there was the perfect balance from every character and actor, Jeri Ryan’s “Seven” topped all of them only just below “Jean-Luc” perhaps “Seven” will get a spin-off nod nod wink wink know what I mean fingers crossed, in short (HAHA) 10 out 10 20year run with “Jean-Luc” the oldest StarFleet officer out doing “Bones” and “Spock”, Thank You The End. (It is true).


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