Star Trek: Discovery: Chapter 2 (Original Series Soundtrack) by Jeff Russo.

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It’s another soundtrack and another two-time Grammy nominee and Emmy-winning composer Jeff Russo’s creates ‘Star Trek: Discovery: Chapter Two’. In the PR material that accompanied the soundtrack there’s a quote from Variety Magazine, ‘Jeff Russo understands how music can affect an audience. When music is employed, he sees it as an enhancement to character development, and is careful to create music that subtly flows with the action and visuals of the scene.’ That’s all very nice but how does the soundtrack work on its own without the visuals? Let’s find out.

There are 22 tracks listed with a total play time of 54 minutes and, although it’s the last track, lets deal with it first. Track 22 is the theme from the original ‘Star Trek’. The one that launched the franchise in the late 60s of the previous centaury. I still have fond memories of the original series which aren’t dimming with age.

Now that’s out of the way let’s see what we have. Track 1 is titled ‘Burnham Take Over’ and it’s an odd one for an opener. It doesn’t get going until the 1 minute mark and that only leaves 31 seconds to grab your attention. The horn section gets a good outing with a few symbols. The strings provide the high notes. As track 1 softens and goes quiet track 2 starts continues in the same vein with the same bit of the orchestra. Track 3, ‘Dishonor Yourselves’ is perhaps quieter than the proceeding tracks but essentially more of the same.

Track 4, ‘Tell Me the Truth’, is the longest one in the soundtrack at 6 minutes 30 seconds. It has the largest variation in terms of tempo and volume. There’s a faint bit of orchestral choir and I’m sure I heard a few seconds of piano. The problem I had with this track was that it didn’t really flow from start to finish, giving the impression it was a few separate bits sliced together. I realise Jeff Russo may have been reacting to on-screen shenanigans that warranted the changes in style.

The first six tracks have all largely been horns with strings, but things take a very different turn with track 7, ‘Kasseelian Opera’. A female opera singer duly delivers and it’s a rather good track. Normality is returned with the horns and strings in the following tracks. Russo makes good use of changes in tempo and pace to keep your interest before things go all snake charming with track 16, ‘Qo’noS Bar Source’. This track really does stick out from the other tracks as its style is so different. It is nicely done of course and rather haunting, but just so different to what has proceeded it.

‘Qo’noS Bar Source’ does sort of bleed over to the next track 17, ‘Not A Lot Of Humans Here’, but things soon revert to normal horns and strings with track 18. ‘I’m No Good’. That’s the way it stays until track 22 which I have already covered. What I didn’t say was that the original theme music is given the Jeff Russo treatment in the ending of track 21, ‘Incoming Transmission’. It’s not a bad version but I’ll always prefer the original.

I think where soundtracks for series are at a disadvantage compared to their movie elder siblings is that people can usually remember specific moments from movies and the accompanying soundtrack. That rarely happens with series. Perhaps because the viewing is over many hours and traditionally there was a week’s break between episodes.

As soundtracks go, this is rather good and worth a listen. The two versions of the original theme music should entice the trekkies out there.

Star Trek: Discovery: Chapter 2 (Original Series Soundtrack) by Jeff Russo

  1. Burnham Take Over 01:31
  2. I Can’t Rest Here 01:23
  3. Dishonor Yourselves 02:21
  4. Tell Me The Truth 06:30
  5. The Rebels Haven’t Completed Their Evacuation 01:50
  6. I’ll Take It From Here 02:10
  7. Kasseelian Opera 02:31
  8. The Lorca I Knew 02:39
  9. 212 Days Of Torture 01:27
  10. Biotoxins 01:58
  11. Come In Discovery 02:30
  12. Safe To Drop Out Of Warp 04:27
  13. Lorca Is Finished 02:26
  14. Coming Home 01:21
  15. Initiating 03:03
  16. Qo’noS Bar Source 02:55
  17. Not A Lot Of Humans Here 01:57
  18. I’m No Good 02:36
  19. War Is Over 04:49
  20. I’ve Never Been To Vulcan 00:56
  21. Incoming Transmission 01:12
  22. Theme From Star Trek (Discovery Episode 115 End Credits Version) 01:03

Run time 54 minutes

The album, featuring the score by Emmy Award-winning composer Jeff Russo and distributed by, will be

Andy Whitaker

May 2018

(pub: Lakeshore Records. 54 minutes 22 tracks. CD Price: $ 8.99 (US). ASIN: B07BSTZLTS MP3 Price: $ 9.49 (US).

Available digitally on 06 April 2018 and on CD 25May 2018. The soundtrack will be available on LP later in the year.

check out website: www.lakeshorerecords.com/


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