Spooks, Hoods & JFK: The Shocking Truth (DVD review).

50 years since the assassination of JFK, there are still rumours going about as to the real events that took place. Never has such an event spawned so much controversy and so many conspiracy theories. To mark the event, an interview with Chauncy Holt from the 90s is resurrected. He claims that he was a gangster and then a member of the CIA and was involved in the periphery of the assassination.


This isn’t really Science Fiction so we are not going into it in great detail, sufficient to say that the interview is quite long but convincing. He goes into everything in great detail and seems to know everyone involved and talks with reasonable authority. Strangely, a week after making the interview, Mr. Holt died. Another conspiracy? This is one of the better interviews being brought forward to mark the event.

Holt claims to have known Lee Harvey Oswald, saying he was possibly set up and that the event was really a coup d’état by other members of the government, basically meaning that Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the assassination. This may be possible and it could also have been Martians. To make your own judgement, watch all 120 minutes of the DVD. It is actually quite interesting and compelling viewing, especially if you’re old enough to have experienced the events for yourself.

These are American DVDs with NTSC format so you had better make sure your player can read the discs.

Rod MacDonald

October 2013

(region 1 DVD: MVD Entertainment Group. 120 minute film with extras. Price: $14.95 (US), £ 7.37 (UK). ASIN: B00D3LA7D8)

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