Schools Out Forever (this is what it looks like when the 2000AD comic-book crew create horror movies) (trailer).

Rebellion, the crew behind the classic 2000AD comic-book, have only gone out and created a horror movie! Rebellion’s owners, brothers Chris Kingsley and Jason Kingsley are even listed as Executive Producers.

It’s called Schools Out Forever, and comes across like 28 Days Later meets the 1968 movie If… (where public schoolboys stage a fierce and violent insurrection at a boys’ boarding school).

This movie features a global pandemic that wipes out large sections of humanity, leading to the collapse of civilisation. A bunch of public schoolboys fort up in their school but quickly become surrounded by a middle-class horde that makes the Governor from Walking Dead look like a model of ethical kindness.

The attackers want the tinned food and resources gathered by the schoolboys. Only one group of survivors are going to walk away non-decapitated.

It’s loosely based on the Afterblight Chronicles, a series of novels from various work-for-hire authors including this’uns Scott K Andrews, which is published by Rebellion’s Abaddon Books imprint.

The flick stars Oscar Kennedy, Liam Lau Fernandez, Alex MacQueen, Samantha Bond, Jasmine Blackborow, Steve Oram, and Mr. Buffy, aka Anthony Head.

This is the first production from Rebellion’s new studio – and Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper spin-off films/TV and said to be on the cards if you are all good little Thargletts.

This movie was started long before the pandemic, and has taken this long to drag to completion through the COVID-safe measures imposed on film-makers. Will it appeal to Joe Public, or are we all pandemic’d out? Only time will tell, but from the trailer at least, it looks like it’s retained a lot of the ‘ol 2000AD punk spirit and irony.

Schools Out Forever (this is what it looks like when the 2000AD comic-book crew create horror movies) (trailer).
Matron says, ‘Give us your food supplies, or we’ll skin you alive.’

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