2000AD Prog 2072 (emag review).

In this issue‘2000AD’, most of the continuing stories reach a conclusion, albeit with the main characters left alive for the next yarn. Judge Lola is possessed by an alien spirit that intends to let its companions take over other bodies and only Judge Dredd and Judge Lamia can stop it. This is the conclusion and there’s a little twist at the end. At least the Dredd story had some intelligence.

‘Bad Company: Terrorists’ (part 12) is a lot of grotesque people beating the shit out of each other and ‘ABC Warriors: Fallout’ (part 12) is a lot of big robots beating the shit out of each other but with better art. Both stories have open endings with scope for the series to continue so they can carry on beating the shit out of each other for years to come. There was at least some hint of tragedy in Bad Company, some notion that a life dedicated to ongoing war is not a good thing.

There’s a ‘Future Shock’ titled ‘Sunday Scientist’. Heavily pregnant Doctor Wendy Farrugia is sacked from her university research job for secretive behaviour, despite her protestations that her research into bio-diesel will save the planet. She believes the bosses are trying to get in first with her discovery. If the ending implies what I think it does, it’s pretty grotesque for a female writer but black humour is a ‘2000AD’ thing. Script by Laura Bailey and art by Paul Williams.

This run of ‘Brass Sun’ also ‘concluded’ with more to follow. Although I’ll never love Inj Culbard’s simple art, I don’t actively dislike it and the script by Ian Edginton showed a touch of humanity, from a plant, that the magazine could use more of. Macho warriors breast-beating and making wisecracks can only be amusing for a limited time even if the art is gorgeous.

I look forward to the next issue and new beginnings.

Eamonn Murphy

March 2018

(pub: Rebellion, 14th March, 2018. 32 page digital magazine: £ 1.99 (UK): Paper: £ 2.75 (UK))

check out website: http://2000ad.com/

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