Sanjulian: Master Visionary: 1 by Sanjulian (book review).

For such a prominent artist from Warren Publications, Manuel Perez Clemente Sanjulian has only had two books specifically of his art available and these are out of print although it is possible to pull copies, as I did with this one, ‘Sanjulian: Master Visionary: 1’.

With the exception of 6 pages in colour, the rest is in black and white and for good reason as they are detailed pencil sketches covering a wide range of historical, horror and film subjects. For those who draw and want to improve their texturing, these really are worth a look.

It’s a shame that there is no indication of their original size or even what kind of paper he was working on to know whether he was using rough tooth or Bristol board or whatever to get such fine work. More likely, he used a variety. Each of these pictures fill each page so you can inspect them.

The colour section is all fantasy/horror which I suspect will attract some of you as well.

If you haven’t got any Sanjulian art-books in your collection, then this book won’t break the bank and you will have someone that you can truly appreciate as a great all-rounder. Now, can some publishers get some more work of him available in his lifetime please.

GF Willmetts

September 2018

(pub: SQP, 2005. 72 page squarebound illustrated softcover. Price: I pulled for about £ 4.00 (UK). ISBN: 0-86562-039-3)

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