Sanguivorous (2011) (DVD review).

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Black and white? Maybe not! There are splashes of evil red splurged about with abandon. Many of the shots are out of focus, deliberately so as if seen from a drug-induced coma and the sounds are jarring to the point of being irritating. Okay, it’s not a pleasant movie to watch. By the time you’ve finished the 60 minutes of the vampire transition, you will be glad it had taken place somewhere else.

The story, as told, concerns a lineage from Romania hundreds of years ago which settled in Japan only to make vampires out of the locals. A young lady is suffering illness and is on medication, which may be some of the problem, but she is a latent vampire and is beginning her wakening phase. She has a boyfriend, a fairly ordinary sort of guy, who will be captivated not only by her but by others in the coven of vampires. As you will guess, the ending is not particularly good.

‘Nosferatu’ was a silent movie and ‘Sanguivorous’ is nothing like that in the least, except for the fact that it is largely silent. In fact, there are probably no other movies like this anywhere. Very difficult to watch because of the visual imagery, difficult to understand because of the cultural differences and difficult to accept because of preconceived notions of vampirism, you would think that ‘Sanguivorous’ doesn’t have much going for it. Once past these hurdles and taken as an artform, in the same realms as an entry to the Booker prize, you will begin to see what this is all about. It’s a statement of the macabre. It’s a journey into surreal darkness.

‘Sanguivorous’ is not the movie you would wish to recommend for everyone but if you want to watch, if only for 60 minutes, something completely different from the norm, this may be for you.

Rod MacDonald

(region 0 DVD: pub: Tidepoint Pictures/MVD Entertainment Group. 56 minute film with extras. Price: $16.95 (US). ASIN: B00E4V0F42. Language: Japanese)

cast: Masaya Adachi, and

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