Priestess Of The White (book 1 of The Age Of The Five trilogy) by Trudi Canavan (book review).

Auraya has spent ten years growing in her powers and skills to become one of the five rulers of her country, a priestess of the White. These powers are going to be tested as mysterious black-clad sorcerers start popping up terrorising her country. Auraya must try to fight against them to ensure they don’t bring about the total destruction of the White while hiding her friendship with one of the despised Dreamweavers.

Now I have to do something I really hate doing, I have to write a review where I admit I really hated this book. I had such high hopes going in as I really enjoyed Trudi Canavan’s previous series ‘The Black Magician’. I really hoped this would be another great series to get my teeth into. Unfortunately, I just found a book that, despite the interesting premise, just dragged along. I found myself hating to have to pick this book up, but I knew I had to reach the end to give a true review.

I felt that there were loads of confusing names which I found myself getting confused about as none of them stood out. If I happened to put the book down part-way through a chapter, I had no idea whose viewpoint I was reading from when I picked it back up again. Not only that but the viewpoints suddenly changed part-way through chapters making it even more confusing.

Along with the confusion of the names and points of view, there were just a lot of different storylines, none of which truly captured me. I’m finding it really hard to care what happens to any of these characters, so their plots were just dull. I’m slightly interested in finding out how all these storylines join together, but there are just so many more pages to get through before this might happen.

Weirdly, there are a lot of really great elements to the story, like the magic and some of the different types of creatures in the book. However, I just find the book so dull that even the interesting bits couldn’t hold me attention. I’m really not sure how Canavan managed to do this, I guess it’s a skill of a sort. Maybe the reason was the stilted slow writing style as it all felt very formal and took forever to get anywhere.

I will continue with this series but it will take me quite a long time to pick up the next one.

Sarah Bruch

January 2020

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(pub: Orbit, 2006. 659 page hardback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-386-2)

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