Outer Range: Amazon Prime horror TV series (trailer).

Here’s the trailer for Outer Range: a new Amazon Prime horror TV series, the first episode of which will air on April 15th, 2022.

The story of Outer Range revolves on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher who is struggling for his property and family until he comes into an incomprehensible mystery at the border of Wyoming’s wildness.

The Abbotts are dealing with the absence of their daughter-in-law Rebecca, who has been missing for many months. As if that weren’t enough, the Tillersons (the opulent owners of the adjoining profit-driven ranch) make a move for their property, pushing them even closer to the edge.

In the neighbourhood, an unexpected death kicks off a series of tension-filled occurrences, and what seem to be small-town, soil-bound problems come to a climax with the appearance of a supernatural or alien black void in the Abbotts’ west pasture.

As Royal tries to defend his family, shocking facts emerge; through his eyes, we begin to realise how time is filled with secrets from the past and terrifying riddles that have been predicted in the future.

Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor, and Tamara Podemski all star in this.

Outer Range: Amazon Prime horror TV series (trailer).
Outer Range: Amazon Prime horror TV series (trailer).

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