Mr. Spock: Logic & Prosperity Box (Star Trek) (UK title: Spock In A Box) by Steve Mockus (book/statue review)

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Being greeted by the top half of Spock in the form of a statuette with the words ‘Live long and prosper’ around his waist is a strange experience. The ‘Logic & Prosperity’ box comes with the statue and the little book with has an introduction to Spock and a few pages with stills from the series with some of his memorable phrases. The statue has its own sturdy cardboard stand which has a backdrop of stars

The idea behind this is to place your Spock in an area where you might benefit from his logic and prosperity. Pretty much anywhere in our house then. Presumably gazing upon the wise visage of Spock will make you contemplate your own petty existence and make you wish you had been born a half-human Vulcan who had lots of adventures on the starship Enterprise.

Yes, he does have another arm behind his back.

Prosperity here is not in the sense of worldly goods but an extension of the philosophy that will enable you to live a rich and fulfilling life so don’t expect your fortunes to change overnight people.

If you get bored with standing him in a corner you can use him as an overlarge chess piece. Spock, with his calm and logical approach to life would surely appreciate that.

Sue Davies

August 2017

(pub: Chronicle Books, 2013. 48 page illustrated paperback and statuette. Price: £14.99 (UK), $19.95 (US). ISBN: 978-1-45212-450-6)

check out website: www.chroniclebooks.com

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