Inhumans – a Marvel TV series people hate?

At last, a Marvel TV series that people seem to hate – at least before it starts? Well, the online world seems to be reacting badly to this new Inhumans adaption for the small screen. Hey, teleporting mega-dog – what’s not to like? See the trailer and make your own mind up …

Inhumans trailer (another Marvel TV series).
Inhumans trailer (another Marvel TV series).

One thought on “Inhumans – a Marvel TV series people hate?

  • I watched the trailers. IT WAS HORRIBLE
    What it should look like:
    . A massive project with the Wizard of Oz/ Game of Thrones hybrid, scary looking monsters, colorful scenery and Star Wars vibe
    . They are the RULERS of Hala Galaxy.
    . Kevin Feige already said MCU Inhumans are based on the 80s/90s Inhumans, where they are finally rulers of their own galaxy.
    . Linked with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
    . Dark, gothic humor and with crazy magic.
    . Pietro Maximoff and Kamala Khan being the POV character for the first and second film, with Crystal being the centre of all drama.
    . Over the top Atwood designs of them. Freaky makeup, tacky earrings, dresses never made to be worn by human.
    . Crap character design. All of them don’t look scary.
    . Why the hell would they want to live on Earth, let alone GETTING HELP FROM THEM? Medusa keeps calling Earthlings loosers until Crystal came along!!
    . Actually, I don’t mind Gorgon being black. BUT WHERE THE HELL ARE HIS HORNS!! AND HOOVES! AND THE BIG WILDERBEEST TEETH!!
    . Gorgon, Triton and Karnak are supposed to look hideous. They all look lame.
    . Medusa’s hair is SIX FEET, EXTREMELY THICK AND CONSTANTLY MOVING. Her hair in the tv show looks like a fake red carpet
    . WHY THE HELL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL OF THE GALAXY- CRYSTAL AMAQUELIN- LOOK SO PLAIN!!And she is supposed to have copper reddish hair, not dark blonde!
    . Crystal is supposed to be calm, serene ad confident, and the belle of the galaxy. But….I don’t see her regality.
    MCU did a fantastic job introducing the Maximoff twins. Inhuman, sadistic and gothic, they are the Robin Hood and Calamity Jane of MCU. They nailed their dark elements and their sadistic nature perfectly!!


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