Forbidden Planet store makes Danie Ware redundant (news).

Sad news in, long time face of the Forbidden Planet megastore and UK SFF book chain, Danie Ware, has been made redundant after seventeen years of long service due to the COVID-related economic downturn situation.

Basically, London is still a ghost town with most office workers telecommuting from the shires, with nary a tourist to been seen and most everyone else avoiding the Tube/train/buses – all staples of the Forbidden Planet’s central London drop-in traffic. Many of the businesses there are now making hard decisions – for both themselves and even harder for their employees.

“It’s completely knocked the wind out of me, bowled me absolutely flat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been done by the book – they’ve been two weeks considering my position, my length of service, my marketing skill base, and all of the things – but, at the end of the day, my role no longer exists. So there we are,” Danie notes on her blog.

And as she points out, “I was there at the launch of the London Megastore, and of I built the company’s social media Identity from the ground up. I’ve run the company blog and its client advertising locations. And I’ve set up and run hundreds, probably thousands, of store events.” 

Danie is also the author of the science fiction Ecko trilogy via Titan Books and has also done tie-in work for Rebellion (Judge Dredd) and Warhammer.

You can get her books over at in the USA and in the UK.




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