Firestorm (trailer: new Anderson SF puppet TV show).

Anderson Entertainment, the company founded by Gerry Anderson (creator of Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, Captain Scarlet, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, UFO and Joe 90), have just released a short pilot episode for their new series, Firestorm.

Firestorm will comprise 26 x 22 minute-long episodes filmed in Ultramarionation, a blend of animatronic puppets, miniatures, physical sets, and real explosions. The first series is now in pre-production and anticipated to launch early in 2019.

Firestorm is set in the year 2102. Thanks to technological improvements climate change has been brought under control, food and energy are plentiful, and violence has all but disappeared.

Firestorm (trailer: new Anderson SF puppet TV show).
Firestorm (trailer: new Anderson SF puppet TV show).

But then a series of terrible new problems arise… sabotage, large-scale thefts of military equipment, kidnappings. The only clue as to the perpetrators is a name – Black Orchid. Earth’s protectors are formed to fight this mysterious assailant: Codename: Firestorm.

Black Orchid seems to be have alien origins. But what are they up to? And what’s their true origins and real motives?

This one’s from Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry, with a team including FX Supervisor Steve Begg (Casino Royale, Skyfall, Spectre), Miniature FX Supervisor Mike Tucker (Doctor Who, Red Dwarf) and Production design consultant Richard Gregory (Dark Knight, Walking with Dinosaurs, Event Horizon).

Jamie told SFcrowsnest, “The enduring values of the Anderson Entertainment brand will be very much evident in Firestorm’s overall messages of good against evil, uniting the human race, and using technology to improve the world – values which are more relevant today than ever before. This will be a true Gerry Anderson science fiction adventure series for the whole family and we’re all very excited to reboot the Anderson vision for past and future generations of Anderson fans.”

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