Eric Brown, compassionate visionary of science fiction, dies at 62 (news).

Sad news reaches us here at SFcrowsnest that the long-time British science fiction author Eric Brown has passed away from illness, aged 62.

The world of science fiction has lost a prolific and underrated talent. Eric Brown, born in Haworth, Yorkshire in May 1960, passed away a few days ago. His friend and fellow author, James Lovegrove, shared the sad news, describing Brown as an excellent writer whose work was imbued with humanity, compassion, and vision, conveyed through immaculate prose and an imperturbably English sensibility.

Brown began his writing career in 1975, after spending time traveling extensively throughout Greece and Asia during the 1980s. His first published work, a children’s play titled Noel’s Ark, came out in 1982. However, it was his short stories in the late 1980s, published in Interzone magazine and other outlets, that truly launched his career. Brown’s work won several awards, including two British Science Fiction Awards for his short stories Hunting the Slarque and Children of Winter.

Throughout his career, Brown authored numerous novels, novellas, and collections. His most notable works include Meridian Days, the Engineman series, the Virex Trilogy, the Bengal Station series, and the Helix series, among others.

His writing was influenced by science fiction greats such as Michael G. Coney, Robert Silverberg, Richard Paul Russo, and Robert Charles Wilson.

Eric’s writing focused on the human element in science fiction, exploring how advances in science and technology impacted the human condition. He believed that relatable, well-developed characters were integral to the success of a story. This commitment to character development helped make his work accessible and engaging to readers from all walks of life.

In addition to his novels and short stories, Brown wrote children’s books, such as Untouchable, Walkabout, and Twocking. Throughout his career, he maintained a focus on storytelling, character development, and the exploration of human emotion in response to futuristic scenarios.

His last and now, sadly, final novel, Wormhole, (co-written with his long time friend Keith Brooke), came out from the Angry Robot imprint in January 2023. His legacy as a compassionate and visionary author will continue to inspire and entertain future generations of science fiction enthusiasts.

Eric Brown, compassionate visionary of science fiction, dies at 62 (news).
And his work lives on.


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