Eden’s Ore Secrets by BV Bayly (ebook review).

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One of the greatest problems of mankind in this current age is the quest for energy. It was once water and basic essentials but now we have progressed to the 21st century and our constant need for energy sources. Oil seems to be running out, coal is redundant and, besides, they are both carbon dioxide producers. A new clean energy is the requirement today. BV Bayly tackles this problem in ‘Eden’s Ore Secrets’, the first novel in a sequence of five. So, what’s it all about?


Following a terrible storm, the hero of the book, Gabriel, finds a white crystal embedded in his chest. No ordinary crystal, it seems to be something from Eden’s Ore, a unique energy giving rock which imparts special powers. Following this, the organisation from which the ore originates comes after him in an attempt to gain retribution. Meanwhile, the economy of the planet is about to be transformed with this new source which will revolutionise everything.

The story involves an organisation called TERA, initially controlled by the government but with a life of its own that did not regard the law as sacrosanct and had little regard for human life. Gabriel’s father worked for the organisation and had a founding part in the discovery of the ore. Sadly, it had taken his life and his mother’s life was also in danger along with his own and the others he loved. It’s a story of man against big organisation, supernatural power and terrible forces. It’s also a game of international politics and financial manoeuvring.

However, he wasn’t fighting on his own. He had friends and also some strange powers gifted by the ore. Not exactly Superman, Gabriel nevertheless was able to fight back against the forces of darkness. Yes, this is basically a fight between good and evil.

It’s a bit of a mix between fantasy and Science Fiction with a traditional American-style human story chucked in. The printer may be Canadian but the book has an American feel to it. Don’t look for science because you will not find a chemical analysis of the ore which will satisfy your curiosity. It’s more of a thriller, a tale of ordinary people being changed by forces beyond their control. The book doesn’t come to any real conclusion because there are another four sequels along the line.

While the ideas are not new, Bayly does seem to write in an interesting and enjoyable style which makes you read on to the next page. I’m not sure if this will have enough impetus to carry on for the intended sequels and it will probably depend on how much return the author gets from this and the next volume. If it doesn’t catch on, who knows what will happen but I have a sneaky feeling it will be a success. Regardless, it’s a brave attempt and I wish him well.

Rod MacDonald

May 2014

(pub: Eden’s Ore. 308 pages e-book: $ 8.38 (US). Print: $15.58 (US). ASIN: B00JF9GDMQ)

check out website: www.edens-ore.com/

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