Dust Demons of Mars!

Dust Demons of Mars might sound like a nifty SF TV series episode from something like Doctor Who, but in actuality, it’s a real massive Martian dust-based super-storm currently affecting operations of NASA’s Opportunity Rover.

Scientists from NASA are hoping they can learn from the various missions studying this unprecedented event – with particular emphasis on what this level of shit-storm might have on future Mars colonies – Elon Musk, take note.

The storm is one of the most intense ever observed on the Red Planet.

As of June 10th 2018, the super-storm covered more than 15.8 million square miles (41 million square kilometers) – about the fricking area of North America and Russia combined!

It has blocked out so much sunlight, it has effectively turned day into night for Opportunity, which is located near the center of the storm, inside Mars’ Perseverance Valley.

Dust Demons of Mars!
Dust Demons of Mars!

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