Doomforce by Grant Morrison (a comic-book retrospective).

Ed and Jim bring you a sweet look-through the comic-book genius that was Doomforce by Grant Morrison.

After the first 18 issues of Doomforce, Kupperberg was replaced by Grant Morrison, and the comic was no longer submitted to the CCA for approval (relieving the stories and images depicted of several constraints), starting with issue #19.

Kupperberg agreed to help Morrison by writing out characters Morrison did not want to use: Celsius and Scott Fischer died before issue #18 — Celsius was killed in an explosion in DC Comics’ “Invasion!” event, and Scott Fischer (already suffering from a recurrence of childhood leukemia) was the only known active superhero casualty of the Dominators’ gene-bomb (also in “Invasion!”); Karma left the team as he was still on the run from the law (he became a member of the Suicide Squad and died on his first mission with them in the “War of the Gods” crossover event); while the Negative Spirit left Negative Woman’s body; and Lodestone plunged into a coma, where she would remain for the first half of Morrison’s run on the book.

Blimey, it’s tough being a superhero. Especially one created by the Morrison Monster!

Doomforce by Grant Morrison (a comic-book retrospective).
Doomforce by Grant Morrison (a comic-book retrospective).

One thought on “Doomforce by Grant Morrison (a comic-book retrospective).

  • I think you are confusing Doom Patrol, which Kupperberg passed on to Morrison, and which was one of Morrison’s best longterm projects, with Doomforce, which was a one-off satire of the then new Image comics, especially Rob Liefeld.
    It was very funny but not really part of Doom Patrol continuity.


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