Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss by Melody Malone (cd review).

Melody Malone has written a book called ‘The Angel’s Kiss’ and here is the audio version recorded by Melody herself as played by Alex Kingston as River Song. Of course, she doesn’t actually write the book as the Melody Malone adventure must have been penned by Amy Pond, one of the books forming the handbook for the Doctor and Ponds tragic visit to New York. At least, I think that’s how the timey-wimey thing goes.


In 1930s New York, there are only so many careers open to a girl and this one dressed to kill as she is with her own special tools and tricks is a private eye. Melody Malone is the classic Jessica Rabbit eye-candy who also packs a punch and a disabling lipstick. There is nothing like girl power.

Melody gets a new client, the handsome film star Rock Railton, who is afraid of being killed by person or persons unknown. He suggests that they meet later at a classy soiree packed with film stars and celebrities but then when she arrives, Rock fails to recognise her. But River…er…Melody has caught the eye of the slimy film producer Max Kliener and is shortly pursued by the vertically challenged mogul with a view to making her a star. He really should know better.

‘The Angel’s Kiss’ is a fun story and uses the knowledge we have about River Song and, of course, the Angels themselves to weave a well-constructed narrative. It is, however, rather full on filler and the result is a drop in my attention span. It is not a long tale but there is a whole chapter that feels dedicated to word count. Even the sweet and occasionally smug tones of Alex Kingston cannot overcome this.

As an experiment in extra content I applaud this, but the series producers do need to be careful not to simply take the money and run.

Sue Davies

(pub: Audio Go/BBC. 102 minute story. Download only. Price: £ 1.99 (UK)
readers: Melody Malone and Alex Kingston

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