Deadpool: Too Soon? by Joshua Corin and Todd Nauck (graphic novel review)

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Deadpool! He’s funny, yeah? The spandex wearing breaker of fourth walls might be able to slice someone in two whilst being virtually indestructible but it’s his razor-sharp sarcasm that sets him apart from the rest of the Marvel Universe. But let’s not forget there have been other purveyors of puns and destructive denizens of double entendres who have been scattered around the comic book world. Howard The Duck, Rocket Raccoon, and even Squirrel Girl and wouldn’t you just know that they all play a large part on ‘Deadpool: Too Soon’? Is Wade Wilson about to find out that his wit withers when faced with a plethora of wacky weirdos?

The aforementioned trio of Howard The Duck, Rocket Raccoon (with Groot) and Squirrel Girl find themselves at a mysterious mansions where they are soon joined by Spider-Ham, Ant Man, the Punisher (don’t ask why he’s there) and Forbush Man (look him up). It soon transpires that they have all been gathered there by Deadpool for a grand purpose of awesome significance. As they complete their great task, one of their number is murdered and it is up to the group of misfits to find out exactly what is happening. But with a mysterious killer looking to bump them all off, Deadpool is going to need all the help he can get. Which is a shame because there’s not many people who seem to like him.

Bringing together the less serious characters in the Marvel Universe, ‘Deadpool: Too Soon?’ is unsurprisingly partly an exercise in complete silliness. Aside from the usual wisecracks from Deadpool, many of which involve the word ‘chimichanga’, there’s the goofiness of Squirrel Girl, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe who has the abilities of a squirrel. Yes, there are lots of jokes about ‘nuts’ and the cynicism of Howard The Duck. Aside from being a non-stop cavalcade of jokes, there’s a small vein of satire with one scout troop eagerly videoing a fight to share on social media and it all generally raises a smile. The appearances of the Punisher and Doctor Strange also work, with their ultra-serious brand of heroism providing a contrast to the idiocy occurring elsewhere.

Contrast is also provided by the story and action. For a story that revels in absurdity, the main plot has a lot of nasty violence that includes plenty of beheadings and a hulking hybrid called Squirrelpool (look, just don’t ask). It’s sometimes a little jarring but even the final fate of the villain of the piece is nasty yet played for laughs.

There’s also a back-up story here that sees Deadpool attend a Deadpool lookalike contest for Halloween. Things go…well…how you would expect them?

This is big, dumb fun that takes glee in shining a spotlight on some of Marvel’s lesser characters (no Mr Deadpool, sir, I am not including you in that comment) well poking fun at some of the mainstream icons of the range. While the tone is sometimes a bit uneven, veering from cruel violence to stupidness, it’s an entertaining diversion.

Laurence Boyce

July 2017

(pub: Panini/Marvel. 116 page graphic novel softcover. Price: £13.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84653-785-1)

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