Awesome science fiction and fantasy round-up (Offworld Report: Friday 9th June 2016).

Here are our picks of today’s best science fiction and fantasy news, features, reviews and articles off-world from SFcrowsnest . . .

Transformers: The Movie Is Finally Coming to Blu-ray for Its 30th Anniversary.

Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Inspires Stylish Glow-in-the-Dark Rings.

The Battlestar Galactica Movie Just Took A Major Step Forward.

CBS Drops Tom Welling’s “Section 13” Pilot; Could He Play Superman in “Supergirl” S2?

Happy Birthday To Donald Duck!.

Vicki Vale To Appear On Gotham Season 3.

“The Flash” Casting Major Recurring Character for Season 3.

Trailer: 80s-Set Netflix Series Stranger Things Looks Like Vintage Spielberg.

This Might Get the World to Finally Pay Attention to Climate Change.

Transformers The Movie Getting 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray and DVD From Shout! Factory.

“Gotham” Seeks to Add Vicki Vale for Season 3.

Watch This Fascinatingly Incoherent Short Film Written By a Neural Network.

Flash Is Casting A Major Recurring Character For Season 3, But Is He Friend Or Foe?

Mark Hamill Won’t Be at SDCC’s “The Killing Joke” World Premiere.

The Movie Rewatch of Great Nostalgia: Willow.

Bring Some Movie Magic to Your D&D Campaign with These 5 Legendary Weapons.

Detective Bullshit Is Full Of– Well, You Know.

Too Hot to Handle, Too Cold to Hold: Bobby Brown Claims to Have Had Sex with a Ghost.

The Card Game That Puzzled Mathematicians for Decades.

Check Out These Kick-Ass Old School VHS Boxes For New School Movies!.

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to Adapt Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves for Film.

Ron Howard to direct adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Seveneves.

Forbidden Desire and Locked Doors: “Rapunzel”.

Why the Star Wars Topps Trading Card Books Are Awesome – Plus a Sneak Peek at Vol. 3!

Poll: What Is the Best Lightsaber Duel?.

Ranking Rebels: 10 Highlights from “Path of the Jedi”.

Vote For Ash! Bruce Campbell Vies To Make “Emmys Groovy”.

Relive Turtlemania, when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ruled the world.

Competition: Design an alternative Suicide Squad poster for a chance to win!.

Send the Ravens: Clegane-Bowl, Brotherhood Without Banners and Warlocks.

Check Out The Teaser To ‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens’.

Wizard World Philadelphia 2016: Cosplay Spotlight Gallery Three.

Image of the Day: The Rock rolls out the first poster for Disney’s Moana.

The Doctor vs Davros: 5 Great Moments.

Star Trek Barbie Vina Doll.

J. K. Rowling is Better than Shakespeare.

Hard Cell: Check Out A New 7 Minute Clip From Stephen King’s Terrifying New Thriller ‘Cell’.

SPFBO2: Round 2 Mini Reviews.

Killing It: Warner Bros Releases New ‘Suicide Squad’ Promo During NBA Finals; Jared Leto Discusses Infamousness Of The Joker.

‘Injustice 2’ Announcement Trailer Released.

Battlestar Galactica feature film moving forward.

Ninefox Gambit author Yoon Ha Lee on the joy of factions in SFF.

The Fifty-Year Mission: The First 25 Years.

Stuff (& Possibly Nonsense) #64.

Homeland Renewed for Two More Seasons but Season 6 Won’t Debut in 2016.

Star Trek Audiobook Sweepstakes.

Books: the Edinburgh International Book Festival launches its programme.

Comics: Tommy Donbavand update.

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