Alpha Squadron (short science fiction film: in full).

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Here’s the short scifi movie Alpha Squadron by Michael Lukk Litwak, in which a space fighter pilot tries to keep his squad together under difficult circumstances.


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  1. DMcCunney says:

    *sigh*. I suppose it’s cute. But I really wish space combat video had *some* notion of reality.

    Space is freaking ‘big!* You do *not* find space junk so thick you have to pick your way through it. The closest floating space junk will be thousands of kilometers from you.

    And if the enemy is close enough you can see them through Murk One eyeballs and need to engage with energy weapons, you are *way* too close and in danger of dying very soon. You *want* to take out the bad guy with missiles from way beyond visual range. You didn’t? We’ll hold a toast to Absent Friends for you back at base.

    But it is film and TV, and real conditions are hard to put on film, and besides, the viewers don’t know any better, except that some of us do. 🙁

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