Adventureman Volume 1: The End And Everything After by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson (comic-book review).

With New York being threatened from a menace in the skies, the mayor has no choice but to contact the retired Adventuremen and his team and, reluctantly, they take the serum that endows them with super-powers and get into action. Well, that’s the story, literally, as its in the comicbook read by young Tommy and watched by his deaf mother, ex-cop and book-seller, Claire Connell.

He also discovers that the Adventuremen HQ exists and she decides to investigate and after an adventure arrives at a café to get her son and later medical checks finds she’s no longer deaf, 15 inches taller and heavier and more spoiler adventure.

There’s also an underlying story about her family and friends. Interestingly, she is also Jewish although the most seen is them having a big family meal.

As predicted from reading the latest ‘Comic Book Artist’, Terry and Rachel Dodson’s art is gorgeous. He also does the colouring and uses a subdued selected palate. The story pace is fast and you have some unravelling to do along the way. You’re a quarter of the way through the story before you get Claire’s name. I thought for a moment she was called Molly as the bookshop is called ‘Molly’s Books’ and then realised it was probably named after her late mother.

Hope we don’t have to wait long before the next volume.

GF Willmetts

October 2021

(pub: Image, 2020. Page graphic novel very large hardback. Price: I pulled my copy for £16.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-5343-1712-3)

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