Henry And The Guardian Of The Lost by Jenny Nimmo (book review).

Aimed at the most discerning audience, the young, I was privileged be able to read ‘Henry And The Guardians Of The Lost’ by Jenny Nimmo. Famous for ‘The Snow Spider’, Nimmo has been writing for a few years and knows what pleases. Unlike many adult books, this is fairly short but a reasonable challenge for a young reader. It is full of beauty and also dark danger. As the warnings on the packet say, there is mild threat.


Henry has travelled through time and was taken in by a woman who he now calls Aunty Pearl. His story was told in the ‘Charlie Bone: The Time Twister’ (US title: ‘Charlie Bone And The Time Twister’) and Charlie is referenced in this story but does not appear. You don’t need to have read this book as there is a catch up as the plot unfolds.

Pearl and her sister, Treasure, rescue the lost children who have effectively fallen through time wormholes. Henry is a hundred years out of time and has not grown since he arrived in the modern world. Now Pearl receives word that he has been noticed and she must take him to a place of safety.

What he does in this place out of time is the bulk of the book and what a great book and a superb adventure to read. The magical place is not without danger and this is made very real as he encounters characters who do not have his best interests at heart. His decision not to be parted from his cat also has serious consequences. Henry meets a range of interesting and sometimes quite scary people but Henry remains a delightful and caring child who you would be very pleased to meet.

I really enjoyed this little delve into the books for younger readers and I will be buying this for my little readers. There is a whole series of previous books to pick up for them, too.

Sue Davies

August 2016

(pub: Egmont. 256 page paperback. Price: £ 6.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-40528-087-7)

check out websites: http://www.egmont.co.uk/and www.jennynimmo.me.uk/

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