UAP/UFO roundup week ending 12th Sept 2021 (news).

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Here’s all that good UAP/UFO content that has come across the streams which meet our admittedly rather low-quality threshold!

Just joking. You should see the stuff we leave on the cutting room floor for this important topic.

On the Richard Dolan Show, Richard interviews black budget expert Catherine Austin Fitts, former U.S, Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1989-1993. They talk about her academic study with Dr. Mark Skidmore that shows $21 trillion has been spent by the U.S. government without authorisation and is flipping missing. This is far more than you possibly spend via corruption on mansions with Porches sitting outside them (it’s enough to cancel the entire debt of the United States). So where the heck did this staggering amount of missing loot go? A secret space programme trying to reverse engineer crashed craft, is one possibility.

We then move onto a review of where we stand at the moment with Tom Rogan, a journalist with the Washington Examiner who has written for The Washington Post, The Independent, The Atlantic, National Review, the Telegraph, and The Guardian.

Next, former state security operatives Franc Milburn & Bob McGwier talk about UFOs and their implications for National Security.

And for local issues, reporter George Knapp looks into possible extraterrestrial oddness in Appalachia, USA.

There’s also time to look into the background of Fastwalkers, NORAD’s (the North American Air Defense Command) code word used to classify unidentified flying objects approaching Earth from outer space and entering our atmosphere. The facility tracks hundreds of these “bogeys” each year from a subterranean facility deep inside Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain.

And here is an interview with journalist Ross Coulthart. In this segment Ross goes into some of the sources he’s secured and what they have told him within the world of clandestine Aerospace, where programs are claimed to exist that are handling and reengineering recovered materials from Non-Human Vehicles.

What astronauts really saw on the Moon.

UAP/UFO roundup week ending 12th Sept 2021 (news).

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