J.J. Abrams UFO: a new TV documentary series (trailer).

J.J. Abrams is jumping on the public’s newfound fascination with UFOs, producing a four-part TV documentary series called, simply, UFO (apologies to all the fans of the old Gerry Anderson series of the same name who briefly got excited).

Here’s the trailer…

You can watch the premiere on Sunday, August 8th at 9/8c in the USA on Showtime.

J.J. Abrams UFO: a new TV documentary series (trailer).

No, not that one, we said!

One thought on “J.J. Abrams UFO: a new TV documentary series (trailer).

  • ‘Newfound fascination’? Oh,come on – the ‘public’ has had that all along – I’m constantly baffled by the gullibility that allows, not to say actually encourages, this spurious insistence on what is no more than wishful thinking…

    That comment of course reveals my bias – but I’m a long-term reader/viewer of sf and I like to think I know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. As I’ve said before – it’s little wonder that conspiracy nuts run rampant with this sort of programming on what might once have been respectable channels such as History and Discovery. Fake news? Alternative facts? Look where that got the US.


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