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UAP news roundup (7/11/21).

Witness Citizen interviews Vinnie from Disclosure Team about what’s new and current in the UFO/UAP field.

Ken Johnston, a former NASA employee, recently posted a series of doctored pictures to demonstrate that photographs had been modified to hide mysterious lunar formations and abnormalities.

What happened to the Nazi UFO project if it was ever completed? Advances in propulsion technology were being studied by Nazi Germany, as is well-documented. Rockets had a role in this as well, with the notorious V-2 rocket serving as a predecessor to today’s intercontinental ballistic rockets. This Nazi rocketry helps to explain why both the United States and the Soviet Union used Nazi German experts after World War II for their own rocket endeavours. Nevertheless, the German preoccupation with cutting-edge technology dates back far further, even to the days of flying wings.

John Warner IV joins the Fade to Black radio show to talk about the history of UFOs and global power, as well as the present disclosure agenda and the science underlying UFOs and UAPs.

John has a well-honed viewpoint as a longtime sceptic of historical documents. Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), his father, served five terms in the US Senate and also served as Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee during the Vietnam War. Catherine Mellon, John’s mother, was an anti-war activist and the daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon. She instilled in him the habits of challenging authority figures, thinking for himself, and speaking his opinion.

John has worked behind the scenes with some of the most important and well-known figures in the history of the United States and the world. “Little Anton” and “Lion, Tiger, Bear,” his two historical novels, reveal the horrifying hidden history possibilities of sophisticated technology and the clandestine plans of the power elite.

Here’s a short trailer for Roger R. Richards’ latest UFO documentary, “The Observers,” on modern-day UFOlogy. This is Richards’ 5th feature-length documentary, in which he brings together some of the world’s UFO experts, whistleblowers, witnesses, abductees, and experiencers, to explore the complexities of our collective reality.

With an ensemble list of interviewees that includes Luis Elizondo, Linda M. Howe, Richard Dolan, William Henry, Whitley Strieber, Jesse Ventura, John Greenewald Jr. and Jimmy Church of Fade to Black Radio, The Observers was filmed during the publication of the 2021 UAP (unidentified arial phenomena) report. “The Observers” might blow your mind if you’ve ever wondered about time travel, alien life, cutting-edge top-secret technology, or other dimensions.

Next, Project Unity interviews John Ramirez who worked in the Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T), Intelligence (DI), and Directorate of National Intelligence (ODNI) as a retired GS-15 CIA officer from 1984 until 2009. (ODNI). In this interview, Mr. Ramirez offers his own presentation on the gathering of UAP data inside the US Intelligence Community for the first time publicly. It’s aimed at informing members of the UFO Community on how to make correct Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to collect actionable information on UAP data from several important US Intelligence agencies, amongst other topics.

Richard Dolan, a UAP old timer, issues a call for revolution – no one is coming to save us. No one is coming to Disclose the truth about UFOs either. It’s up to us. It’s time for exposure, not disclosure!

The Unidentified Celebrity Review splashes their special edition 300th episode – mostly a general chit-chat, rather than any specific subject focus, this time. Well done, chaps (and chapesses).

Break out the birthday cake, but don’t fire any fireworks off – it’ll just attract the UAPs to the yard.

A former US Navy employee has come out with an eye-opening account of a day when UFOs began raining down on Earth. Allegations of a massive UFO coverup by the US Navy were made by this veteran.

In the Singularity Lab, the crew have a chat with Chris Lehto, a retired F-16 pilot investigating UAPs and the substance of reality. Chris has an interesting theory that humanity might just be a small layer of the wider multiverse, labouring away much as red blood cells labour away inside their world of the human body.

Thanks to best-selling science fiction & fantasy author Stephen Hunt for compiling and authoring this weekly report. Best-known for creating the steampunk sub-genre with his Jackelian series (HaperCollins/Macmillan/Tor), the first of Stephen’s Sliding Void space opera series adventures was simultaneously the #1 most downloaded novel on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Canada. He now makes time in between scribbling his literary endeavours to go so far down the rabbit hole that we’d need to dispatch the White Rabbit as a Crash Retrieval Specialist to rescue his ass.

Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt is a fantasy and science fiction author published in English the UK, Canada and Australasia by HarperCollins and in the USA by Tor. For all the foreign translations of his works, check out his web site at

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