Tides (new Roland Emmerich science fiction movie: trailer).

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Tides is a new science fiction film from Roland Emmerich, which appears to be a bit of a change from the more popcorn sci-fi from the chap who bought you Independence Day.

This is a somewhat darker one-tone palette movie which looks cinematically closer to the recent Bladerunner reboot. The subject matter is also slightly less colourful. We are in a far future Earth that has been more or less environmentally devastated by humanity.

A team of astronauts arrives, shades of Planet of the Apes, from the still-advanced colonies surviving in the solar system, seeking answers to some fundamental issues plaguing their own biology. And, surprise surprise, humanity on Earth is not quite as dead as expected.

I think the working title for this film used to be Haven: Above Sky. Anyway, it is good to see that as the COVID pandemic slowly eases off, the first green shoots of recovery are being displayed by our own environmentally ravaged film industry.

Tides (new Roland Emmerich science fiction movie: trailer).

Tides (new Roland Emmerich science fiction movie: trailer).


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