Pentagon served Freedom of Information-request: admits it’s experimenting on UFO debris (weird news).

Various newspapers in the UK today covered the news that after being served with a Freedom of Information request, the U.S. Pentagon’s DIA division has now admitted it’s experimenting on UFO debris, with meta-materials being shipped out to private contractor Bigelow Aerospace – said substances exhibiting such extreme properties as memory, and the ability to make objects invisible, compress electromagnetic energy, and slow down the speed of light.

You can read the story in The MirrorDaily Mail, and Sun, among many other national papers.

Anthony Bragalia, a researcher, made the discovery after serving various FOIA papers on the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and getting back responses that perhaps admitted a bit more than Anthony ever expected to read.

The information supplied by the U.S. authorities includes several advanced technology reports on what the U.S. military scientists call Nitinol – a shape recovery alloy.

Nitinol has similar properties to the memory metal described by witnesses as debris at the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947. The FOIA reply mentions its potential for integration within the human body for health improvements.

Other recovered metamaterials, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency reports, can be used to “slow down light” and even “bring light to a complete standstill”, and induce invisibility by manipulating refraction, reflectivity, and increasing light absorption.

The reports use terms like “optical isolation” and “transparency” and refer to a “MetaMirror” technology, exhibiting the ability to “compress electromagnetic energy” for condensing to make information and energy storage smaller and their transfer faster by reducing volume. Another class of debris is Amorphous Metals (also called “liquid metal” and”metallic glass”) which are novel engineering alloys with disordered atomic-scale structures.

The reports detail how the material was analyzed at a Las Vegas-based special sealed facility purpose-built by Bigelow Aerospace which had advanced high-security access controls, including a DMZ where all phones, watches, laptops, and any electronic/metal devices were left outside in lockboxes, and windows in the complex were black and sealed.

Oddly, the entire 85 staff at this facility were laid off in March 2020, and the current location of the materials described by the US Defense Intelligence Agency is unknown. All staff contacted by Anthony have refused to comment on their previous work or the future status of the project.

Perhaps somewhat worryingly, the ex-Head of Security at the complex, Ryan W. Aslesen – one of those refusing to comment on the role of the project – is now writing military science fiction novels detailing Earth’s battles against various hostile species. Does he know something we don’t?

Pentagon served Freedom of Information-request: admits it's experimenting on UFO debris (weird news).
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