The Walking Dead: Dead City – the Big Apple’s undead core? (trailer).

SFcrowsnest readers, brace yourself for a brain-munching extravaganza like no other. The relentless undead saga continues with The Walking Dead: Dead City, the upcoming spin-off that’s bringing us a post-apocalyptic New York — because there’s nowhere like the Big Apple to hide out when the world ends, right? Creator Eli Jorné, evidently unsatisfied with four earlier spin-off series, decided the world needed more shambling corpses, and so the fifth run-on franchise was birthed.

Reprising their roles, Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Maggie and Negan, will be scavenging, scheming, and stabbing their way through the rotten core of Manhattan, aiming to rescue Maggie’s kidnapped son. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, even during the zombie apocalypse, right? The series also stars Gaius Charles, Jonathan Higginbotham, Mahina Napoleon, Trey Santiago-Hudson, and Charlie Solis.

The show’s creation began in March 2022. The showrunners toyed with us like a cat with a half-eaten mouse, changing the title in August before finally settling on the current one. By July, they were filming on location, undoubtedly alarming New York tourists with the sight of zombie extras shambling about.

So mark your calendars, folks: “The Walking Dead: Dead City” is scheduled to stumble onto AMC & AMC+ on June 18th, 2023. That’s right, just six episodes of undead New York shenanigans, because who needs sleep anyway?

In this rendition, Manhattan isn’t just the city that never sleeps; it’s also the city that’s full of the undead. Expect the usual delightful cocktail of anarchy, danger, and terror, with a dash of beauty thrown in because it’s New York, after all. Don’t forget to watch out for the supporting cast, including “The Croat,” Tommaso, Ginny, Jano, “The Bartender,” and Luther. Rest assured, the casting directors had so much fun, they even tossed in a bunch of actors in undisclosed roles — because nothing screams suspense like not knowing who’s going to pop up next. Especially when there are zombies involved. So tune in, if you dare!

The Walking Dead: Dead City - the Big Apple's undead core? (trailer).
The Walking Dead: Dead City – the Big Apple’s undead core? (trailer).

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