Team Knight Rider: when Fords talk back? (scifi TV retrospective).

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another stinging critique from Stam Fine Reviews, and today we’re revisiting the glorious disaster that was “Team Knight Rider”. Strap in folks, this ride is about as smooth as a trip in a 1997 Ford.

So, let’s talk about this fascinating journey into the realm of syndication. Team Knight Rider, or TKR as the fans (all 7 of them) call it, is about five FLAG operatives fighting crime. And not just any crime. No, no, they are fighting the high-tech, super-advanced, state-of-the-art kind of crime, usually involving some sort of complicated scheme and a chase scene.

All this while “swanning about” in their sentient vehicles (courtesy of Ford), which, let’s be honest, were probably the best actors in the entire show. The vehicles were so articulate, they put some of the human actors to shame. It’s almost as if the creators spent more time programming the cars than developing the characters.

The plot? Well, TKR is about an elite team following in the tire tracks of the legendary Michael Knight and his supercar KITT. Instead of one man, we now have five! Because why have one convoluted storyline when you can have five? And each of them has their own car companion who never shuts up. From Danté, the haughty British SUV to Domino, the gossiping Mustang, to Kat and Plato, two motorcycles with clashing personalities. It was like watching a bickering family on a very long road trip.

The series also tried to tantalize viewers with hints of mystery, like the possibility of Jenny being the daughter of Michael Knight. But, of course, they never got around to actually resolving that, because why answer a question when you can just cancel the show? A move as frustrating as a GPS losing signal mid-route.

Now, let’s talk about the “high-tech” crime-fighting. It was as high-tech as a flip phone in the era of smartphones. Oh, the nostalgia! The excitement! The frequent rolling of eyes and shaking of heads. This was the late ’90s, folks. Computers were massive, and technology wasn’t quite as shiny as it is today. But hey, they tried. Points for effort, right?

The highlight of the show? Probably the episode where Michael Knight made a cameo. Well, his back did. That’s right, they brought back the legendary crime fighter and showed us his… back. Talk about a cliffhanger! If only they’d gotten around to making a second season… But alas, it was not meant to be.

In conclusion, “Team Knight Rider” was an attempt to revive the classic Knight Rider franchise with a ’90s twist. It’s a show full of charmingly outdated technology, questionable acting, and sentient Fords. While it might not have lived up to the original, it’s a fun, albeit bumpy, trip down memory lane.

Now, if you’ll excuse here at SFcrowsnest Towers, we’re off to watch some good TV. We suggest you do the same.

Team Knight Rider: when Fords talk back? (scifi TV retrospective).
Team Knight Rider: when Fords talk back? (scifi TV retrospective).

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