The Flash: can the Scarlet Speedster save the day…and the timeline? (trailer)

In their latest act of cinematic superhero movie-making, Warner brings all SFcrowsnest readers its new standalone feature film, The Flash. Yes, dear readers, the scarlet speedster has sprinted out of the shadows of his Justice League brethren and into the annals of solo stardom. Just be ready to strap yourselves in for a time-hopping, reality-altering, superhero-seeking rollercoaster.

This flick features Ezra Miller reprising his role as the eponymous hero, Barry Allen. In a novel twist, our zippy superhero decides to play with time – because, apparently, racing faster than light wasn’t cool enough. And, as it always happens when you muck around with the fabric of time, Barry ends up somewhere between “Oops!” and “Oh no, not Zod again!”

And oh yes, Zod is back. It seems DC couldn’t leave well enough alone. Michael Shannon dons his intergalactic cape again, threatening to do things that, let’s be honest, we’re pretty sure Superman will reverse again. Which would all be fine, if only there were a Superman around to do the reversing.

On that note, let’s talk Batman. No, not the broody, ultra-rich crimefighter with parental issues that we know and love. We’re talking about a different Batman, one who’ll need a bit of persuasion to dust off the Batmobile. Which brings us to Michael Keaton – you know, the guy who once flapped around in a black rubber suit and has been doing time in the MCU since.

Adding to this mix are Sasha Calle, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue, and a production team that must have been assembled using the same time machine Barry fiddles with in the plot. I mean, who else would bring the team behind “IT,” “Mama,” “Rampage,” and “San Andreas” together to tell a superhero story?

But, hey, we’re not one to judge. After all, we’ve only got a snippet of what’s to come. And sure, we’ve seen DC drop the ball more often than Barry does his lunch in the comics, but who knows? Maybe “The Flash” will be the exception. So mark your calendars for June 16, 2023, or if you’re outside North America, June 14, 2023, because who understands time zones anyway, right?

“The Flash” is coming to a theater near you. Brace yourself, because we’re sure it’s going to be a…well, a flash. Or at the very least, a blaze of glory. Or maybe just a small spark. Let’s just hope it’s not another dumpster fire.


Colonel Frog is a long time science fiction and fantasy fan. He loves reading novels in the field, and he also enjoys watching movies (as well as reading lots of other genre books).

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