The Colony (2021): a film mini-review by Evelyn C. Leeper.

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The Colony’ (2021) is a typical post-apocalypse story, the apocalypse being radical climate change which seems to have left the Earth as a giant mud flat and oceans, whose tides regularly wash over these flats.

The rich left the Earth, but have discovered they are now infertile because of their destination and so want to return to Earth.

Our planet is populated by your usual bands of survivors, who speak some incomprehensible language that has fourteen words for water. How much time has passed anyway? If the rich spaceship people became infertile because of conditions at Kepler-209, it’s either and still managed to send a ship back to Earth before the colony died off, they must have some sort of interstellar travel at near light speed, but when was that developed? This is a bleak film, set in a grey, misty world and eminently skippable.

© Evelyn C. Leeper 2022

Released theatrically 08/27/21; available on Netflix streaming.


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