Tabby’s Star: the mystery of the Alien Megastructure star reawakens (video).

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The Alien Megastructure star’s enigma is still unsolved!

The WTF star, also known as KIC 8462852 and Tabby’s Star, has begun to dim once more. We know it’s fine dust, but we don’t know what’s replenishing it or why it’s cold, despite the fact that it’s in a periodic orbit around KIC 8462852.

Gary Sacco has been collaborating with Tabetha Boyajian to keep a close eye on the celebrity. Gary was also the primary author on a study published in 2017 that predicted A 1574-DAY PERIODICITY OF TRANSITS ORBITING KIC 8462852, and that forecast appears to have come true with the latest dip seen on September 10th 2021.


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