Spyda’s Anatomy Workshop by Jason Spyda Adams (book review).

As I was buying a large bundle off of Neal Adams’ website last November and e-talking with Jason Adams, I thought the least I can do is have a look at his own book, ‘Spyda’s Anatomy Workshop’, knowing he does sculpture. I think I should have pulled his first book, ‘A Study Of Sculptural Method’ but it’s unavailable there although you might want to try his own website.

I should point out from the start that this book isn’t a textbook, just pictures of he draws the muscles of the body and then translate this into clay. They are clearly defined so are practically at super-human level but if you do attempt this for yourself, with a few practices you would learn how to get them down to normal human size.

No doubt the first book will show you how to do the detail, materials and technique. Sculpturing from the bones and muscles out will ensure having the right shapes for each muscle when you put a clay skin over it ensuring you know which muscles are compressed or stretched. You only see the results of this on the last page but it will make you think of infra-structure even if you don’t go as precise as this.

Unlike drawing or painting, sculpture is more time-consuming in planning and completing and building out like this will improve anatomy and your own knowledge of muscles and tendons. Fascinating.

GF Willmetts

March 2020

(pub: Spyda Creations, 2011. 36 page medium softcover. Price: $20.00 (US))

check out websites: www.spydacreations.com and http://www.nealadamsstore.com/Spydas-Anatomy-Workbook_p_1627.html

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