Ruin’s Wake by Patrick Edwards (book review).

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‘Ruin’s Wake’ is a standalone novel from Patrick Edwards.

During this book, we’re following three people going about their lives in a post-apocalyptic world. They’re all trying to make sure they and the people they care most for survive in a world where the history of the planet has been erased.

This book just left me very confused. I couldn’t quite figure out what had happened in the past that had created this post-apocalyptic world. No-one seemed to go into too much detail about it, which annoyed me. They do have a name for it, they call it ‘The Ruin’. They seem to have renamed everything so now winter is called the death, spring is the wake, etc. There is a new totalitarian government that ensures that everyone living in this world loses all individuality. Everyone must conform to the norms of this new world or face the consequences.

Along with this odd use of new words for old concepts which left me confused, I was also left lost by the new technologies in this new world. They seem to have highly advanced things like genetic testing but they know nothing about things like the sun and planets. I couldn’t quite understand how this could happen in any given world. Unless there was some reason the knowledge was being kept from people, maybe to do with The Ruin? I did find the last quarter of the book to be more enjoyable, things started to make a little more sense, but I still can’t say I liked reading this book.

I never managed to bond with any of the characters neither, they all just left me bored or cold. I did have one favourite, Cale seemed to have the most adventures so was a little more interesting. Kelbee left me feeling so sad as her story was just so depressing.

Overall, I really didn’t get on well with this book at all. Maybe someone out there will enjoy it.

Sarah Bruch

October 2019

(pub: Titan Books, 2019. 406 page paperback. Price: £ 8.99 (UK) ISBN: 978-1-78565-879-2)

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