Prelude to Axanar (Star Trek mock-umentary).

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Here’s an interesting little ditty, Prelude to Axanar, a non-profit Star Trek Kickstarter-type thing for a proposed war movie covering the big Klingon versus Federation dust-up which kicked off in the era between Archer and Kirk.

By way of a taster for the main event, this is a mock Federation documentary that covers the war. Very professionally done, as you would expect with the appearance of the original Starbuck, aka the Hatch, in it as the Klingon warlord Klang, or Khan, or kar-hook-harrrr-throaty-sound, or some-such.

Looks like a worthy effort that deserves to get funded to completion.

Prelude to Axanar (Star Trek mock-umentary).

Prelude to Axanar (Star Trek mock-umentary).

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