Nuking our way to Mars (science video).

There are more than a couple of ways to nuke our passage to Mars. There’s the old Project Orion method of just chucking atomic bombs out of the back of your starship, detonating them against a pusher plate, and riding the shockwave to the planet of your choice.

But there’s also a more refined way of harnessing the power of the atom to achieve the same aim. And it’s called the nuclear thermal engine, and Britain’s Rolls-Royce is actively investigating this, bringing decades of experience in nuclear energy to the table.

So, who might be interested in dining on that meal set at the table? Step forward Space-X. Rolls-Royce and Space-X, it could be a marriage made in heaven. Luckily we have that most furious of astronauts, the Angry Astronaut on hand, to discuss it in this 20-minute long video.

90 days to Mars? I would buy that for a dollar. Although, I suspect the ticket might cost a little more than that.

Nuking our way to Mars (science video).
Nuking our way to Mars (science video).

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