Mass Effect – would it make a better TV series, or a film? (video)

Mass Effect is one of the most popular space opera games you can get for the PC. There has long been talk of it getting turned into something for the streaming services – but would it make a better TV series, or a film franchise?

Rowan J Coleman attempts to answer this question.

Here’s the Mass Effect backstory, for those of you new to this:

In 2148, humanity discovered an alien outpost on Mars, and learn that Charon is actually an alien artifact known as a “mass relay” that enables faster-than-light travel to other mass relays located across the galaxy. Humanity comes into contact with numerous other space-faring alien species, some far more advanced than humans. Humanity’s first encounter resulted in the First Contact War, but the Council, a ruling body for the galaxy, intervened to achieve peace and welcomed humanity. Among the main species humanity meets include: the asari, a race of peaceful monogendered beings closely resembling blue-skinned human women; the salarians, an amphibious species with considerable technological and intellectual prowess; and the turians, a heavily militaristic race of raptor-like humanoids who fought humanity in the First Contact War.

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