UFO cocktail hour (UFO news round-up: week ending 31st July 2021).

Here’s a roundup of all the new UFO/UAP-related content that has landed on the streams recently, that might tickle the fancy of anyone with an interest in this subject.

Let’s start off with some real ‘out there’ stuff, with an interview with someone who claims to be have been part of a UFO crash retrieval squad.

Next, investigative reporter George Knapp talks with former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police office TJ Jannazzo about his time with the force and his interactions with Bob Lazar, the Area 51 whistleblower, when the U.S government were trying to stitch Bob up – and the court system was pondering why the heck all his background records had been removed from the system?

Next, ufologists Gary Heseltine and Don Schmitt chat about their new global organization, the International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research (ICER). Representatives from 27 nations on five continents are members of the Coalition, and include Professor Lachezar Filipov, an astrophysicist from Bulgaria, and astronomer Dr. Eamonn Ansbro from Ireland.

And here’s a piece on the claims of the former Israeli Space Program Director, Prof Haim Eshed.

Here’s one for the skeptics: a dive down the rabbit hole of UFO History to pinpoint the top ten greatest hoaxes of all time.

And finally, SecureTeam look at the matter of the potential first photo of an ET.

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