Kraven the Hunter: superhero film (first trailer).

Kraven the Hunter has been billed as a fresh take on the superhero genre, only this time the hero isn’t technically… super. He’s a big game hunter turned reluctant eco-warrior, as portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who famously described his take on the character as a “conservationist,” “protector of the natural world,” and an “animal lover.” This is superhero for vegans, or at least people who prefer National Geographic to WWE.

It’s good news for those tired of weightlifters in tights, as Kraven comes outfitted in an enviable selection of fur-trimmed vests and exotic animal prints, giving off a vibe that’s more GQ-cover-model-goes-to-Safari than dour savior of the universe. In an interesting twist, the primary villain is the Foreigner, played by Christopher Abbott, which gives the impression that this movie might secretly be a socio-political commentary on immigration policy. Bold move for a film set in a world where grown men wear Lycra.

If you’re tired of Spiderman’s whining, or Wolverine’s refusal to see a good therapist, Kraven is just the ticket. He doesn’t swing from buildings, and his only mutant power is being ludicrously good at hunting – sorry, conserving – which really just means he’s your overly enthusiastic uncle who won’t shut up about his new camping gear.

And if you are looking for some family drama, “Kraven the Hunter” has you covered. Russell Crowe appears as Kraven’s father, marking a welcome return to form after his stint as “Jor-El” in Man of Steel. But instead of saving his son from a dying planet, it seems he’s more likely to tell him to stop playing with his food.

Ariana DeBose stars as Calypso, a voodoo priestess and Kraven’s love interest. Which really brings the question: if your girlfriend practices voodoo, can you ever win an argument? The rest of the star-studded cast includes the likes of Alessandro Nivola as Rhino, making him the most intimidating garden-variety herbivore you’ve ever seen on screen.

In terms of setting, Kraven has traded the usual metropolis for exotic locales in Iceland and Glasgow, or as locals call it, “the Miami of Scotland.” This film promises to be a genuine shake-up of the traditional superhero formula. If you’re looking for a break from CGI-heavy, morally simplistic superhero fare, “Kraven the Hunter” offers a refreshing, if somewhat quirky, alternative. With its rich visual style, complex characterizations, and storyline as twisted as Kraven’s sense of fashion, this film is set to be one wild ride.

Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, villains, or just have a soft spot for men in animal-print vests, Kraven is promising something for everyone. Grab your popcorn, sit back and prepare for a safari like no other – just remember, no actual animals were harmed in the making of this film. Or so says Kraven, the hunter who loves animals. Go figure.

Kraven the Hunter: superhero film (first trailer).
Kraven the Hunter: superhero film (first trailer).


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