Paradise: a dark futuristic life-trade scifi movie on Netflix (trailer).

While Hollywood is seen scrambling around its own creative dustbins, struggling for fresh storylines, the effervescent world of German cinema has raised the bar a notch higher. The upcoming Netflix German sci-fi movie, Paradise, starring Kostja Ullmann, Iris Berben, and Marlene Tanczik and directed by Boris Kunz, is already causing quite a stir with its titillating trailer.

Paradise introduces us to a dark dystopian world where years of life can be transferred from one person to another – and who said money can’t buy you time? Unveiling a new spin to the age-old tale of vampires, this film is already pulsing with an intriguing vibe that promises more than just a gripping tale. With its parallels drawn to the Justin Timberlake movie “In Time,” the film brings to life a cyberpunk-y concept that feels surreal, futuristic, and dare we say, a bit unsettling.

Let’s give a big shout-out to Netflix for embracing international flavors and quenching our thirst for fresh narratives. This platform’s alliance with the German sci-fi genre has always been top-notch and Paradise appears to be no exception. This new release is not only enticing for sci-fi enthusiasts but also a delightful treat for those looking to practice their German.

And while Paradise reflects a potential future where organ harvesting could take a new turn, it’s streaming July 27th, 2023, so prepare yourself to dive into the world of Paradise – a world where life is not measured in years, but in the richness of your nearest billionaire’s wallet.

Paradise: a dark futuristic life-trade scifi movie on Netflix (trailer).
Paradise: a dark futuristic life-trade scifi movie on Netflix (trailer).


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