Jules: from outer space to inner peace (scifi movie: trailer).

A profound question hangs in the annals of science fiction: Is the universe kind or indifferent? If you ask Marc Turtletaub’s latest scifi dramedy movie, “Jules“, it would probably suggest it’s both — and that it has an oddball sense of humor, too.

The film stars Sir Ben Kingsley as Milton, an everyday Joe whose suburban life is as predictable as a metronome. Kingsley, an actor who could portray a cardboard box and still command an audience, is pitch-perfect in the role of Milton. His daily routine includes a crossword puzzle, a visit to the local bakery, and mowing his lawn with a determination worthy of a battle-hardened warrior.

Then, in a celestial twist of fate, E.T. 2.0 lands in his backyard. Unlike Spielberg’s endearing alien, this visitor doesn’t have a glowing finger but compensates with a personality as colorful as a bag of Skittles. Named Jules, a moniker chosen with all the forethought of someone naming their goldfish, this alien is played with emotive brilliance by Jade Quon.

The formula is familiar. Alien meets man. Alien baffles man. Government tries to interfere. Yet, where “Jules” truly shines is in its humor and heart. Imagine “Cocoon” meeting “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in a convivial small-town bar, and you’ll get the vibe of this film. There’s a pleasing absurdity to the plot that is reminiscent of Douglas Adams, while the emotional depth mirrors the touching sentiments of Ron Howard’s classic.

Milton’s life becomes a cosmic sitcom when his nosy neighbors, portrayed by Harriet Sansom Harris and Zoe Winters, get wind of the interstellar lodger. Jane Curtin, of “3rd Rock from the Sun” fame, adds another level of comic genius, turning the film into a masterclass of comedic timing and delivery. As the intrigue unfolds, the characters stumble from one hilarious predicament to the next like a slapstick version of “The X-Files.” Their amateur attempts to evade the governmental G-men lead to comedic gold, showcasing Turtletaub’s knack for extracting humor from the most unexpected situations.

“Jules” is a joyful celebration of human connection, even when one party is from another galaxy. It’s a potent reminder that life’s richest moments often arrive unannounced, just like a little blue man from the stars.

The film premiered at the 2023 Sonoma International Film Festival, where it nabbed the coveted Stolman Audience Award for Best Feature. That’s a cosmic seal of approval if ever there was one.

Mark your calendars for August 11th, 2023. You’re not just booking a ticket to see “Jules”, you’re signing up for an unforgettable interstellar rollercoaster ride of laughter and emotion. Expect the unexpected and, as Jules might say, keep your eyes to the skies.

Jules: from outer space to inner peace (scifi movie: trailer).
Jules: from outer space to inner peace (scifi movie: trailer).


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