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Exploring the Unknown: John Warner IV’s revelations on UFOs and deep space (video interview).

In the vast expanse of the universe, there are mysteries that continue to baffle us. One such enigma is the existence of extraterrestrial life and its possible interactions with our world. In a recent video, John Warner IV, son of a member of the classified MJ-12 group, delves into this intriguing topic, sharing insights that push the boundaries of our understanding.

A Whistleblower’s Tale

Warner begins his narrative with a tale of a whistleblower who worked at the South Pole station. Unlike many who claim Antarctic experience, this individual provides tangible proof of his involvement. This revelation sets the stage for a discussion grounded in fact, not speculation.

Inter-Galactic Relations

Warner introduces the concept of a Navy ship conducting business in a neighboring galaxy like Andromeda. This idea, while seemingly outlandish, opens up a world of possibilities for extraterrestrial interactions and trade, challenging our traditional understanding of international relations.

Ancient Maps and Extraterrestrial Presence

Warner suggests a connection between ancient maps, such as the Piri Reis map, and potential extraterrestrial presence in Antarctica. This theory implies that our understanding of history and geography might be more intertwined with extraterrestrial life than we currently acknowledge.

Navigating the Great Circle

Referencing a U.S Navy film from the late 50s, Warner discusses how mariners have been using the great circle to navigate the globe for 150,000 years. This route aligns with significant historical landmarks such as Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Pyramids of Giza, hinting at a deeper, possibly extraterrestrial connection.

The Dark Side of History

Warner doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of our history, highlighting the military-industrial complex’s role in genocides, dirty deals, and the persistence of slavery and drug issues. He emphasizes the need to confront and acknowledge these aspects of history, suggesting that they might be more relevant to our present and future than we might think.

Deep Space Communications

Warner presents compelling evidence that deep space communications are used for interactions beyond our solar system, possibly even through a wormhole to another galaxy. This expands our understanding of communication and travel, suggesting that they might not be limited to our planet or even our galaxy.

Classified Information and MJ-12

Warner’s father was a part of MJ-12, a classified group, and served as a liaison for passing classified information to the Intel committee or the armed services committee. This personal connection to classified information lends credibility to Warner’s insights and claims.

The Implications of UFO Disclosure

According to Warner, high-level discussions on UFO disclosure in the early 90s considered scenarios that could potentially lead to a French Revolution-style upheaval and collapse of the financial system. This suggests that the implications of such disclosure are far-reaching and could have significant societal impacts.

Exploring the Unknown: John Warner IV's revelations on UFOs and deep space (video interview).
Exploring the Unknown: John Warner IV’s revelations on UFOs and deep space (video interview).


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