UFO cocktail hour (weird news).

There’s the big US government report on UFOs coming out soon. I predict that it’ll be a big shoulder-shrug and a collective ‘dunno’ from the authorities.

Meanwhile, here’s some of the more interesting videos circulating at the moment about UFOs and ATPs or whatever they are calling them this week.

Here’s Luis Elizondo, the ex-head of the USA’s official UFO hunting groups, on UFOs and the Invisible College.

Here’s some more general chat on UFOs from the Secure Team crew.

And more from Curt Jaimungal – this time with Jeremy Corbell, the documentary filmmaker who covered the Bob Lazar story and has been releasing UFO videos leaked to him.

Also, here’s Geopolitical analyst Brandon J. Weichert chatting about secret and exotic military technology programs and how they might relate to UFO and UAP sightings. There is a possibility that the strange UAP could be experimental US military vehicles, he believes.

And last but not least, there’s the MysteryWire piece with NASA Admin. Bill Nelson, talking about UAPs.

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